Tailored Loose Covers

tailored loose covers auckland

Custom loose covers for your furniture in Auckland

Offering a wonderful selection of coverings

No matter if your furniture has seen better days or needs a new look, Bungalow Upholstery offers a wonderful selection of loose covers to suit your wishes. We have carefully crafted covers available and can custom make to your specific needs in the Auckland area. Please contact us so we can discuss your furniture and the coverings you are looking for.

We can cover anything

If your couch, seat or other furniture item needs covering, we can provide the right solution. We have loose coverings for furniture of all different sizes and styles, in a variety of colours and materials.
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Finding the best option for you

You deserve a covering as unique as your furniture, so we will work with you to find a solution that matches it as perfectly as possible.

Our staff will speak with you about what we have available and will work best for you.

Made to order solutions

If you would prefer a custom loose covering for your furniture, we can create something that matches the colour and style. 

We can tailor a covering to fit your couch, suite, dining chairs and more, in plain colours or patterned fabric. All of our fabric is commercially pre-washed before being supplied to you. Our most economical fabric type is cotton duck.
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